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per user/month

  • Unlimited users for now*
  • Up to 2.000 open tasks
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per user/month

  • Unlimited users
  • Up to 10.000 open tasks



per user/month

  • From 20 to 100 active users
  • Up to 10.000 open tasks



per user/month

  • >100 active users
  • Up to 50.000 open tasks
* Until Jan 2024 everything is free. When paid plans are introduced service will stay free for up to 20 active users**
** Active users are calculated based on users who used service last month.
*** Free for all universities, schools and students


Interaction with bot

Simply mention it in any channel or direct message with @work, and receive a response from the bot. The response will be visible to everyone in the channel, or only to you in a direct message. A list of available commands can be found below.

Command Description
@work [question or task contents] Creates a task in the channel queue. if issued from the thread, thread will be added as a task to the queue
@work list List all open tasks currently in the channel queue
@work Shortcut for listing all open tasks currently in the channel queue
@work done Mark task as done from the thread
@work done [task_id] Mark task as done from anywhere in the channel by its [task_id]. [task_id] can be obtained from the result of @work list command
@work assign @team_member Assign task to your team member, task will be created if no task exists for a thread
@work help Help message containing this information


Privacy is important aspect of our life and work. For that reason we made some decisions which might look not convenient, but it is very important for us to be able to provide you privacy friendly solution

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